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10 Best Tricks to improve your Google Ads campaigns in 2022

Are you tired of your Google Ads campaigns costing you a lot of money and not getting the expected results? Do you need to optimize your Google Ads campaigns to increase the visibility of your ads? Are your Google Ads ads not showing up in the desired position?

In this article we are going to give you some tips and advice to improve your Google Ads campaigns and ads.

We will start with a presentation video about what Google Google Ads advertising consists of.

What are the tricks to optimize the Google Ads campaign?

1: You have to work on the quality of the landing page and the web page in general to which the ad points. There needs to be consistency between the keyword, the ad being served, and the web page the ad is pointing to. In this way, we are going to achieve what Google is essentially looking for: that the user finds the information they are looking for. The ad has to lead to a page with the content searched by the user.

2: Do not keep the keywords of the campaigns as Broad Match . We must not forget that the Search Terms that users use are different from the keywords that we have defined. When we create the list of keywords, they are by default Broad Match, which makes campaign ads appear in searches that do not have to do with our objectives. This causes the loss of money by generating clicks that are not from the target audience and which reduces important parameters in Google Ads campaigns, such as the time the user spends on the web or the CTR.

In campaigns with a low budget, it is advisable to use Exact Match or Modified Broad Match . We prefer less traffic but that it is of quality. For example:

  • Products we want to sell: armored doors
  • Keywords that can be used:
  • Exact Match: [armored doors]
  • Modified Broad Match: + doors + armored.

3: Avoid keywords with a single word . It is a common mistake to define too specific keywords with a single word. It causes that in many cases they have a lot of competition and we pay more for those words.

It is convenient to define keywords with a group of words that receive a considerable number of visits. We must define Ad Groups with groups of 15 or 20 related keywords. In turn, these keywords must be made up of 2 or 3 words that bring quality traffic to our website. They are known as “Long Tail”. In turn, it is recommended that those same words appear on the destination web page, in this way we will improve the SEO of the blog or our page and, in turn, we will improve the quality of it for

For example, if we sell printers, it stands to reason that one of the keywords we use is “printers.” When a user searches for “buy printers”, our ad will appear. But it will also appear if they are looking to “repair printers”, so we will be losing significant money if the user clicks on our ad and also, when they visit our page they will return immediately because what we offer on the web is not what they are looking for. So it is always very important to search for the correct keywords to improve the user experience in searches and on our page.

4: Analyze the keywords that Google offers us . When we start an Google Ads campaign, Google offers us keyword lists. These lists are very useful to start with, but it is advisable not to trust them because they will activate a large number of searches that do not interest us . We have to do an analysis work on those words to see which ones really suit our campaign.

5: Take into account negative keywords . In order not to appear in searches that do not interest us, it is necessary to define negative keywords. So that when they appear in the search terms, our ads are not served. Words like “free” or “second hand” appear in searches that do not interest us, so we must include them in our negative keyword lists.

6: Create at least 3 ads in each ad group . Prepare different ad variations and let them compete with each other to find out which one works best and attracts more attention from search customers.

7: Create eye-catching ads with action messages . Ads are the message that the user will see and will be what attracts our potential client to our website. So it has to be eye-catching and direct, with clear messages that call for action. Here are some recommendations:

  • Use ad extensions to expand user information and make our ads more attractive compared to those of the competition.
  • Include questions in ad text
  • Use claim words like “Free”, “Buy”, “Compare”

8: Do not organize all the campaigns at once . It is more advisable to create an ad group, optimize it and, when it is working, replicate it. This way we have more control over the ads that are being served and the results we get. If we try to run multiple ads at once, we won’t have as much control over the ads, the search terms that launch them, etc. Especially at the beginning, carrying out the campaigns step by step and analyzing the results, can avoid losing a lot of money with clicks that do not interest us. A campaign in Google Ads we have to do it step by step , controlling the maximum all parameters.

9: Create ads optimized for mobiles . In a short time, searches through mobile devices will exceed those made from computers. It is essential that you adapt the Google Ads campaign to searches made from mobile devices and publish ads on them. In addition, we can adjust the bid of the campaign in Google Ads depending on the type of device, so we can adapt it to mobile phones, tablets or computers.

10: Use the functions of Locations or schedule for the publication of announcements. Google Ads allows you to adjust a large number of parameters in our ad campaign. Factors such as the day of the week or the time, the countries or localities in which to publish the ad, are parameters that we must adjust to adapt them to the needs of each advertiser. In this way we can obtain the best results in our Google Ads campaign.

I hope that these tips or recommendations will help you to improve your advertising campaign in Google Ads. If you have any questions, we appreciate your leaving a comment and we will respond as soon as possible.

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