The best and most popular addons for Elementor in 2022

Addons for Elementor

If you need something more than just Elementor, here is a complete list around the Best addons for Elementor. The most popular addons for Elementor is Essential Addons.

Essential addons is the most popular expansion for Elementor. Uniquely, they have 1000000+ active installations. 

With offer 70+ premium widgets it will make your website look more professional than ever!  The free version of Essential addons adds tons of features. Add flip boxes, countdowns, pricing tables and many more to you Elementor tally. However with Essential addons pro you can use creative buttons, advanced accordions, sticky headers, testimonials and a testimonial slider just to name a few. 

Most of Templately’s premade websites use Essential addons.

Essential addons probably have the best addons for Elementor.


Premium addons is one of the most popular addon for Elementor with 12 000 000 downloads and 500 000+ active installs.

Make your website look amazing with premium addons. It provides 60+ widgets, addons and global features. Premium adddons gives you the ability to build advanced websites in less time, because of their addons. Amazing floating effects makes any website look amazing.  It offers lottie animation integration and Elementor premium templates. 

Premium addons is definitely one of the Best addons for Elementor.

Start building you website with premium addons now!

ElementsKit is an ultimate All in one addon for the Elementor Page Builder. It includes most comprehensive modules, such as Header and Footer Builder, Mega Menu Builder and Layout Library just for you!

Most importantly, it has 85+ custom widgets such as Pricing table, Team member, testimonial, Accordion, tab, Countdown Timer etc. to create any sites with ease. It adds Woocommerce, post, review, forms and social media elements to your collection.

Furthermore, Master Addons offers 25+ complete homepages and 400+ ready to use blocks.

Elementskit is indeed on of the best Elementor addons 

Happy Addons is also at the top of the list. It comes with 89+ Free & Pro Elementor widgets and 16+ problem solving Elementor features. 

In fact, it comes with 400+ ready to use professional templates

Happy Addons brings you some powerful features to the built-in motion effects section. Because of this, you can animate and rotate objects on their x axis, y axis, and z axis like never seen before, and brings lovely effects to help your websites stand out from others.

HappyAddons is the pioneer of adding exclusive problem-solving features. Furthermore, they have added premium quality widgets in the Elementor library. 

Reasons for choosing HappyAddons:

  1. Manage Your Event Calendars.
  2. Design your menu items in a different way, mega menu is also available in one menu widget.
  3. One Page scroll section widget is also available.
  4. Facility to create the off-canvas menu.
  5. On top of that, you can create Advanced Data tables.
  6. Abillity to add text stroke or Outline to Elementor Typography
  7. Design Your Woocommerce Sites unlike any other.
  8. Copy and Paste All of Your Elements Within Cross-Domain.
  9. Masking Your Images Into Different Shapes Within the Elementor Editing Panel.
  10. Flexibility to Create Advance Background Parallax for Your Elementor Site.
  11. Exclusive Blog Archive Page Designing Capability.
  12. Moreover, You Can Copy Happyaddons Demo Contents Directly from Our demo site and much more.

Despite Happy addons not being the most popular Elementor addon, it is still a solid choice!

Master addons is not as popular as essential addons, but provide amazing widgets to your website.Furthermore, they provide 70+ extensions. Animated headlines, counter up, and flip boxes are a few examples. It offers extension addons such as floating effects, custom css and background sliders.

Moreover, Master addons provide amazing pre-made templates.

Get started with Master Addons today!

Best Elementor Addon

In conclusion, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to Elementor Addons. The most popular addon is Essential addons, but it is not necessarily the best.  All of the different addons have their own pros and cons. Despite that some of these addons aren’t as popular as the rest, they are still a valid choice. 

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