Astra the best WordPress theme (reviewed)

Astra could be the best Free theme out there for creators like you and me. Astra enables us to create websites faster than ever before. Not only do they provide starter sites, but also header and footer builders, tons of customization and even blog options to style your site! So here is my honest review. Is Astra the best free theme? 

1. Starter sites

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. The coolest feature of Astra (even with the free version) is being able to import complete professional pre-built websites in only 1 click. Astra has pre-built websites ranging from construction, to beauty and even nature sites!

But is the free version of the starter sites sufficient? Yes! To be honest I have used this to create multiple websites over the years, so I am not telling you to use something that I haven’t already tried and seen results from myself. Astra has ecommerce, blog and even business templates included in the free version. Why pay someone to make a website, if you can make anything you can dream of in one click! 

2. Header/footer

Astra comes with a header/footer builder which is a must have for any theme. Astra’s header/footer builder is user friendly and is drag and drop, meaning it is easy to use, even for the most inexperienced designer.  Filled with widgets, search bars/icons, menu’s, social media icons, language switchers etc. Astra allows you to customize your header with ease. Their header/footer builder allows you to easily reposition your logo & site title and also allows you to create a transparent header. 

3. Mobile Responsive

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Astra’s templates could be the best mobile responsive designs you can compared to templates from Templately and Envato Elements. Astra is built on being mobile responsive, making your whole life a lot easier. Although Astra has a limited mobile header builder, you can always download a plugin to do this or even use Elementor page builder to make it look neat.

4. Performance

Astra has an excellent reputation when it comes to performance/speed. With an average of around 400 ms load time, Astra might be the fastest theme on the market. Astra can also be used with plugins like wp rocket to increase speed even further (maybe with another 100 ms). Furthermore Astra comes with the ability to load google fonts locally which also impacts performance severely.

5. Styling

Astra has advanced styling and typography options. As mentioned previously, Astra comes with preloaded font styles, color pallets, container layouts and button styles. Choose any theme color, hover color, text color, or site background you can think of! Furthermore you can setup buttons that have the same style all over your site by clicking a single button. Choose from rounded, or rectangle buttons and customize the text color, button background color etc. All around Astra might have the widest variety of customization any theme can offer. 

Bonus features with astra pro

Although Astra has a free version, which is definitely sufficient, Astra also has a pro version to give you the edge above your opponent. With Astra pro you get access to much much more proffesionally designed Astra starter templates, as well as Nav menus, blog layouts, woocommerce functionality (ecommerce), more color controls, sticky headers, pre-made header designs, bonus footer widgets and much much more. But to be honest, if you are starting off with web-designing, I would recommend you testing the free version, before purchasing the pro version. 

The pro version has a lot of extra functionality, but as I said, the free version is more than sufficient to get your site up and running in no time!


Astra might be the best free theme out there for beginner and expert designers. You don’t need expertise to start designing your dream website. Not only does Astra give you free starter sites, but also a lot of other stunning functionality!  Whether you buy the Pro version, or stick to the free one, Astra is definitely a must-have WordPress theme that you can use on just about any website you can think of.

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