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It’s not a question of if your site will be hacked, it’s a question of when. You can try to outsmart hackers all you want, but they’re always one step ahead. That’s why you need to be proactive and take steps now to protect your website from malicious attacks. One way to do this is by backing up your site with a backup plugin. A backup plugin creates an exact copy of your website every time you update or publish new content. This means that if any updates go awry or your site becomes infected with malware, it’s easy to restore the site from the most recent backup. Here are some tips for how to back up your WordPress site in 2022.

In 2022 its essential to think about your data in a way you haven’t before. So without further ado. Here are the easiest ways to backup your WordPress site!

UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular backup and restore plugins for WordPress websites and is used by millions of users around the world. You can use it to create full website backups in minutes. If you want a free and simple “basic” plugin that schedules backups and sends them to remote locations, choose UpdraftPlus. Some hosts will charge for backups; don’t do it, you can do it for free (with WordPress plugins!). 

For example, Bluehost also offers a WordPress backup system which you can implement to backup automatically on a regular basis. Although they only offer this service to BlueHost users.

Fortunately there are several plugins that not only help you backup but also restore your WordPress database which you can use to restore/revert your database and all its files if something is causing issues on your site. 

However, most of the free tools and plugins lack the WordPress site backup schedule feature (which means the free version does not allow for automatic updates)

If you’re using a reputable web host, they probably also offer automatic site backups. This feature means you don’t have to worry about manually creating backups or using plugins as your web host will do it for you

If that’s not enough, you can create manual backups of your choice, or use DevKinsta to set up local copies of your website. You can also do weekly full WordPress backups (file + database) and daily database backups only if you make a lot of content changes (new blog posts, comments, products on your ecommerce site). If you make changes daily, install new plugins, or add posts or pages, you should back up more often than on a relatively static site. After a full backup is complete, you can schedule a time to back up recently modified files.

WP-DB-Backup makes it easy to create database backups, schedule automatic backups and restore databases. BackWPup:  Its a free plugin that lets you create full WordPress backups for free and store them in the cloud (Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace, etc.), FTP, email, or on your computer. It’s very easy to use and allows you to schedule automatic backups based on how often your site is updated

With just a few clicks, it allows you to backup your entire website from your WordPress dashboard. It can automatically upload your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email, and many other cloud storage services.  

You can back up your site in two ways: automatically (thanks to dedicated WordPress backup plugins) or manually. With the help of a special plugin, you can create backup copies of your site in a timely manner.

For any web designer setting up backup services it is important to choose between Full or Partial Backups

Full vs Partial Backups: For a beginner, simply using full backups makes things easier, but being able to back up only certain parts of your WordPress site comes in handy when your site gets really big. For example if a company like Facebook had to backup their entire site every day, it would take terabytes and terabytes of data every day!  If you ask us about the best way to create a full backup of a website, we recommend that you backup using WordPress plugins like Updraft Plus, All-in-One Migration and Duplicator and back up from your server/provider managed hosting. 

If your hosting provider also provides you with backup benefits, make sure the backup is done on a separate server. Most web hosting providers offer automatic backups of your site, but keeping multiple copies of your site’s files and database is recommended

The best free and paid WordPress backup plugin in 2022 to always backup your WordPress site in case it crashes.

Everest Backup: you can backup, restore, transfer and clone your website without worry. With the free version of this plugin, you can manually backup your entire WordPress site (or parts of it). Even with the free version of the plugin, you can easily set up manual or scheduled backups of your website, including files, databases, plugins, and themes.

The plugin allows you to perform full, manual and scheduled backups of all website files, including databases, plugins and themes. This plugin allows you to automatically backup your site in real time and restore it to any point with one click, manage migration to a new host, transfer theme files and plugins to a new database, restore sites damaged by restoring previous backups. It allows you to easily back up your website, restore your site after it crashes, and you can even use it to move your site when you change hosts.

It will automatically back up your site once a day with a 30-day backup archive that you can connect to. This means that if your website is down or changes made to it cause it to crash, you will have the last month of  backups to restore.

Backups are not supposed to prevent your site from crashing, but they are an opportunity to restore it after a crash. Backups give you peace of mind and can save you in catastrophic situations, like when your site gets hacked or accidentally goes down. Get your Backup programs up and running today!

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