Featured snippets on your website (2022 edition)

Reaching a privileged position on Google’s results pages, such as “zero position”, is the dream of any SEO professional.

But to conquer the top of the search engines it is necessary to master both the concept and the types of existing featured snippets , and that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

These outstanding fragments that Google implemented some time ago, served (and serve) to democratize the positioning in its search engine , that is, that any page, blog or ecommerce has a real possibility of showing itself first , right before the eyes of users.

We invite you to read this post so that you can learn what featured snippets are and how they can boost the SEO of your online store, a fundamental part of your ecommerce content marketing strategy .

What are featured snippets and what are they for?

The so-called “answer boxes” are precisely that: boxes with concepts, lists, recipes and other information related to the keyword entered in the search engine by the user.

The snippets featured are born as an initiative by Google to optimize the user experience to provide relevant information about the search , without having to go to the web site in question to get an answer.

From a publisher’s point of view, it serves as a way to show up on top of the organic results pages for more clicks, conversions, and sales, if applicable.

However, Google did not disclose to the public the criteria it uses to select the content that will go inside the box. But we do know something: only 30% of them come from the top organic position, according to studies by Ahrefs .

In other words, 70% of featured snippets are based on data from pages of other positions. A golden opportunity!

What are the characteristics of featured snippets ?

So, in the same way that featured snippets can allow you to reach the top of search results, there are certain characteristics that your content must have in order to be considered a snippet .

The main ones are:

  • Contain short paragraphs, no longer than 60 words, with a high degree of simplicity to facilitate understanding;
  • be direct, that is, get to the point;
  • follow the rules of semantics;
  • respond on a very specific topic;
  • present a title that contains the keyword ( keyword );

ideally, include a question mark in the style of how, when, what, who, where ( featured snippets are more common when the keyword contains some of these words).

These characteristics will help you understand what elements you have to pay attention to so that Google considers your content as a relevant answer on a particular topic.

What types of feature snippets are there?

There are 4 different types of answer boxes that Google displays in its results. According to the type of content and the search carried out by the user, they can be presented as:


Most featured snippets are displayed in the form of paragraphs, responding to a specific concept or providing a specific definition.

They are usually fired (although not exclusively) after using prepositions in the form of a question. How to do, what is it, who is it, where , among others.

However, it is not the only way, because when it comes to featured snippets there is no 100% guaranteed rule.

Also, these answer boxes may appear next to representative images of the content in question.


Lists are the second most common way for Google to display featured snippets. These lists appear when the keyword indicates the search for a recipe, rankings, step by step or a list with the best things about something (sports teams, music bands, hotels, restaurants, among others). For instance:


You may also have come across a YouTube video in the top position when doing a Google search.

This type of featured snippet does not provide traffic to a website, but it does increase the visibility of a video on the YouTube platform.


The last type of featured snippet that Google can present to users is a table where a comparison is made, either of:

  • Prices
  • Quality
  • Sales
  • Film and theater function hours
  • Etc.

They are usually accompanied by an image of the product, service or event in question and a table with columns and lines with the main characteristics that are relevant for comparison.

For brands that sell online, it is key to reach these boxes as this allows the competitive advantages of their products to be exposed , such as price and cost-benefit ratio.

Imagine if your product page gains this visibility, you can already conquer your potential customers before they enter your store! The chances of conversion undoubtedly increase significantly.

Why are feature snippets worth reaching ?

In this section of the article we are going to tell you the 5 benefits that featured snippets bring to an ecommerce. Let us begin.

  1. Democratization of positioning

We already mentioned it above, but it is important to reinforce it.

One of the maximum benefits featured snippets offer is that they allow any page, blog or ecommerce to compete with internet giants.

In the case of a virtual store, competing with Amazon, Mercado Libre and others, in the past was almost impossible.

However, thanks to this functionality, any ecommerce that counts, yes, with SEO optimization , can scale to zero position when a user is consulting about a specific product or service.

This, in turn, has multiple possible economic advantages for the business, such as:

Greater number of visits in the store (we see it in detail below);

greater chances of converting users to customers;

fixation of the brand in the minds of users.

  1. Gain authority

Internet users perceive quality and safety when a page is at the top of the results: conquering an answer box is like having an endorsement from Google that your site has the best answer or product that the internet can offer.

In addition, if your ecommerce is new or still little known and you are looking to achieve notoriety in a market as competitive as electronic commerce, it is key that your page gains prestige and respect among users and your own competitors. So optimizing it to appear in a featured snippet may be the best option.

  1. Take a jump on Google results pages

Climbing organic positions in SERPs (search results pages) can be a time-consuming job to execute perfectly.

The snippets featured offer the possibility to reach the top no matter where your site is found organically.

We are not going to say that it is an “easy” way to do it, because everything that is about SEO requires analysis, management and strategy. But we can say that it is the fastest way for you to conquer position zero.

  1. Increase your organic traffic

For internet users, if you are not on the first page of results, you simply do not exist. Who searches the second page of Google?

Being inside an answer box, right in front of the user’s eyes, will allow organic traffic to your page to increase.

The possibility of receiving more clicks on your products or services will increase according to how much presence you can gain at the top of the SERPs.

And you know, the more users know about your articles, the more likely your billing is to increase!

  1. Achieve your competitive advantages

Perhaps this is one of the elements that can bring the most benefit to a featured snippet to an ecommerce.

The differentiating effect of your business is that which separates you from the competition, and the value proposition that you offer to your clients so that they choose you over others. But, on the internet, it can be difficult to show those characteristics to the public.

Reaching position zero, your online store will gain exposure and, with it, reach, that is, the number of people who are now going to see you as a valid option to solve any of their needs.

In addition, knowing your competitive advantages, this audience will be able to influence more users about their purchase decisions, which, in the end, is the purpose of any business: to reach many people and generate billing.

In conclusion

The snippets featured are a democratic element, fair, attractive and beneficial that Google made available to all brands to gain notoriety on the Internet and impact thousands of users seeking options, information, products or services you offer.

You need to determine what type of featured snippet can maximize the reach of your content and which one can produce the highest profits, both from sales, conversions and display of your company.

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