How to make a WordPress website – professional tips

how to make a wordpress website

Do you want to create your own professional WordPress website? This article explains how to make a WordPress website in minutes!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a site building platform. WordPress makes building websites easy, because you do not need any coding skills. WordPress offers drag and drop functionality. Therefor you do not need any knowledge to start designing your website!

Steps on how to make a WordPress website

  1. Get a web hosting service, Bluehost is the most popular
  2. Choose a domain name that best fits your website
  3. Download WordPress on the website
  4. Create your own account
  5. Install and activate a page builder, we recommend Elementor Pro
  6. Install a theme, Divi and Astra is the most popular
  7. Import a complete starter site
  8. Edit a page
  9. Edit/create a post

1. Get a web hosting service for your website

Choosing a web hosting service can be difficult, because there are millions. We recommend Bluehost and will show you exactly how to get started.  

Click here to get Bluehost. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to get started with Bluehost

Click WordPress hosting. Here is a list of the packages you can purchase.
how to make a wordpress website

2. Choose a domain that best fits your website

The domain name is very important. The domain tells the reader a little bit of what the website is about. Choosing a bad domain name will result in less viewers. 
Choose the domain that has not been taken and best describes what your website is about. 
Use domain wheel to see if your domain is available. Domain wheel gives you a list of the domains that has not been taken yet.
domain wheel

Sign up with Bluehost and enter your domain.

3. Download WordPress on your website

While it is possible to download your website manually, you can ask Bluehost to install WordPress for you. WordPress is absolutely free!
Go over to my sites and then click create site for Bluehost to install WordPress for you. All you need to do is give them the username and password and you are ready to go!

4. Log in to your website

Type www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin to go to your WordPress dashboard. Enter the username and password and that’s it! You can start building your website.

5. Install and activate Elementor

Elementor is the most popular page builder by far. A page builder provides a lot of elements that you can use on your website. 

Hover over plugins on the left hand side of your dashboard and click add new. Search for Elementor and click install now. After installing Elementor, click activate. 
You can also install Elementor pro, which has a lot more features than the free version of Elementor.

Install a plugin WordPress

6. Install a theme

The top themes are Divi and Astra. Go back to your dashboard and hover over appearances, click themes and  then “add new” and search for “Astra” .

For this example I will use Astra’s free version. 

Install a theme WordPress

7. Import a complete starter site


Click on the Astra theme image as shown above. You will see Customize, widgets,  menus, starter templates etc. Click on starter templates. Choose the most applicable template for your business, and click “Import Complete Site”. All the Starter sites are compatible with the Elementor Page Builder. 

8. Edit a page 

You can edit a page by  hovering over “Pages” and click “All Pages” in your WordPress dashboard. Choose the most applicable page for example “Home” then click “Edit with Elementor”. 

9. Edit/add new post

You can add a post by  hovering over posts and click add new in you WordPress dashboard. You can also edit the page like shown above (with Elementor).

Terrific Themes

We have been using WordPress for years now and we want to transfer all our knowledge to you, so that you can learn from us. We are experienced in Astra and Elementor, but have extensive knowledge in other themes, plugins, SEO, hosting services and much much more. We are here to help you reach brilliance, although you are already that!

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