How To Optimize Your Facebook Page For SEO In 2022

Most companies when they want to have a presence on social networks always think of the same social platform. Facebook. Although very few know how to optimize a Facebook page for SEO .

When people search for your brand on Google, the first results that will probably appear will be links to your website, Google+ page, and YouTube social account.

But if you are also doing a good job of SEO positioning on your Facebook page, you will see that the web address of your account on this social network will appear along with the other links mentioned.

For this reason, in this article I wanted to list the 5 most effective methods to improve the SEO of your page on Facebook, and thus get positioned in the first results of searches made by users.


The first thing you should do when you are going to create a new page on Facebook is to use the best name that defines the brand or local business, because this will facilitate the search on the social platform when users want to search for it to start following your publications.

Although this may be obvious and logical, there are still many pages that do not have optimized names, either due to ignorance or bad advice, and despite being the most basic and important step when it comes to optimizing the brand on Facebook

According to some “experts” it is advisable to use several keywords  when we are going to name a Facebook page and that they are always related to the professional activity of the company or brand, but the truth is that this practice can significantly harm the growth of the social account .

A clear example of what you should not do when you want to name the Facebook page is the following:

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Nowadays having a name like the previous example is a serious mistake, because it will be considered as spam behavior , and therefore, fans will be less likely to get involved with the Facebook page as they will consider the use of keywords excessive. .

However, do not make the mistake of using a to generic name for your Facebook page such as travel, sports, fishing, beauty, cosmetics, etc.

You must bear in mind that Facebook does not like this behavior, on the contrary, its intention is that you use a name that adequately represents the brand.

The consequence of having a name that is not representative for your Facebook page is that the publications will be affected in the organic reach, because Facebook will consider the contents little relevant.

2.Custom URL

The other way to optimize your Facebook page for SEO is to have a custom URL, as it will greatly benefit your ranking in the top search engine results.

When you have created a new page on Facebook, the social network will provide you with a generic URL that is generated automatically, such as this: 


As you can see, in this address the name of the page or brand appears but it is accompanied by a user identifier  that contains a sequence of 15 numbers, so you must  create a personalized web address for your Facebook page if you do not want to use this Web address.

However, the social network allows you to create a personalized Facebook web address for a page that allows it to be easily identified by search results, and for example it would be:

>> <<

You must bear in mind that to obtain a personalized URL before you must have a minimum number of 25 likes or fans on your Facebook page , so if you want to have this functionality available I would advise you to share the page with your friends or family until you meet the requirement.

You should also remember some guidelines to create a custom username on your Facebook page such as the following:

You cannot request a username that someone else already uses.

Pick a username that you think you will like in the long run. Usernames cannot be transferred and can only be changed once.

Usernames can only include alphanumeric characters (AZ, 0-9) or a period (“.”).

Periods (“.”) And capital letters do not count as part of a username. For example, carlosguerra85, Carlos.Guerra85, and carlos.guerra.85 are considered to be the same username.

Usernames must be at least five characters long and cannot include generic terms or extensions (eg “.com”, “.net”, etc.).

To choose the username of a page, you have to be an administrator.

The username has to comply with the Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

3.Complete the Profile using keywords

The best way to position a Facebook page in the first search results is to properly complete the description with a series of information such as: address, city or town, country, postal code, telephone, time, and email.

As surprising as it may sound, there are a lot of companies that don’t include this contact information on their Facebook page, even though indexing your brand for local search results is crucial to increasing visibility.

Normally this is due to the fact that brands obtain user visits to their website through organic traffic, and therefore, they do not consider it important to have their Facebook web address optimized.

However, they are making a serious mistake with this attitude because they do not imagine the enormous potential that it has to take advantage of the opportunity to have a personalized web address on your Facebook page for SEO positioning. 

Make sure to fill in all the necessary information about the company or brand, and also add several  keywords that describe the professional activity . This section offers a lot of opportunities for your Facebook page optimization.

Depending on whether the page is for a brand, company, or artist, these fields will change slightly. It will be necessary to write an informative and descriptive text that allows to highlight the best qualities of the brand, as well as the keywords by which you want to be found.

Similar to traditional websites, keyword optimization is essential to improve the SEO or web positioning of a Facebook page in search engines.

The most important key elements that you should take into account in the social network are the Biography section, Information about the page, and Description about the company, because these areas are indexed for search results in Google.

4.Link your website

Another very important aspect to improve the web positioning of a page on Facebook is to add your website in the information section, because in this way you will get a higher traffic of visits from potential customers and / or people interested in the product or service you offer. the company.

It is also advisable to promote the Facebook page on our website so that visitors can become a fan, share the page with their friends, and follow the latest updates. 

For this, you must have a custom widget inserted for your page that you can create, and where you can configure different options such as:

  • Size
  • Height
  • Fit content to the width of the sidebar (sidebar)
  • Use a small headboard
  • Show the faces of the fans
  • Delete cover photo
  • Show page posts

As with traditional SEO, getting links to the Facebook page from other websites is another key factor to benefit search engine rankings.

The shared links of the website on Facebook is considered by Google as a recommendation, so if a person recommends our Facebook page it will be very advantageous to be better positioned.

5.Use Facebook Open Graph

Finally, it is also important that you have optimized your page by using Facebook Open Graph , because it will significantly help the publications to be more effective on the social network. 

If your main website is designed with WordPress, I recommend installing an excellent plugin called SEO by Yoast , since you can activate the Facebook Open Graph metadata option.

Open Graph is a digital data communication protocol that offers the opportunity to convert the updates published within the social graph into rich objects.

This translated into Spanish means the following: you can inform Facebook directly what you are sharing, and how you want the link to be displayed when it is shared on the social network.

When users share a direct link on the social platform, Facebook gets various parameters from the website to identify the content and display it correctly on people’s latest news wall. The main parameters that Open Graph analyzes are the following:

  • Qualification
  • Description of the article
  • Featured Image Size
  • Author’s name
  • Website url

Including metadata in publications is the best way to do SEO in the social network, because if you are creating relevant content that is of high quality for interested people, it is vitally important to use the same effort so that search engines recognize the parameters mentioned above.

This practice will greatly benefit because the articles will appear in the first results of the searches, and therefore, you will get a greater amount of traffic of visits on the website.

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