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Must Try These 10 Step to Increase Your Blog Position in Search Engines

The search engine blog ranking today is more important than designing a website itself. Using correct and effective SEO positioning strategies help us to position the web. A good web design is of no use to us, if it does not appear in the search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The main objective of any search engine is simply to give the visitor the information they are looking for. Something so simple to say is extremely difficult to do. Search engines analyze all the websites published on the net to categorize and index them, trying to find out their content. In this way, when a visitor searches for some data, the search engine searches among the indexed pages and presents a list of results to try to respond to the needs of its customers (the people who use the search engine).

Each search engine uses a series of parameters to classify web pages and try to understand their content. To, in this way, show them in the results lists when a person searches for a certain search term. It is decisive to appear in the first positions of the search engines , the number of visits to a website depends largely on the position in which it appears in a search engine. To do this, we must use certain positioning strategies that help us to position ourselves.

Here are the 10 basic principles of SEO of a website for search engine optimization. If you want to start positioning a website, you need to start with the following elements

SEO search engine positioning strategies

Boost blog ranking

  1. Keywords

Let’s start at the beginning …… Keywords are the basis for a page to rank in a search engine. Google, Bing or any search engine to know and classify web pages by the keywords that define them. The first step for a web positioning is to define which are the keywords for which we want to position our page.

This is the first and most important step. We must select the most suitable keywords, selecting those that define our project and, at the same time, those that do not have too much competition for their search engine positioning. Let’s take an example, if we are dedicated to plumbing and we want to position ourselves by that term, there are currently thousands of pages of plumbing, so it will be very difficult to position ourselves when starting. So we can use terms such as “plumbers in Madrid”, “professional plumbers” that surely are not so widely used

  1. Parameters such as Title and Goals of the page must be optimized and unique.

This means that each page must be unique and that the Title and Meta tags of each page must be unique and not be repeated. In addition to having to be optimized based on the keywords that we have selected for each page

  1. The titles of each page must be optimized

The H1, H2 or H3 are very important for search engines. Google I understand that the terms defined with these tags are very important within our text, so they are very important when it comes to positioning.

  1. The texts on the page must be optimized.

The content is very important for web positioning. Do you know Internet search engines means crawl analyze the texts on the page to try to know the meaning of the texts, and thus better understand the validity or not of a text when presenting it in a list of results.

  1. Friendly urls.

The URLs of the pages must also be optimized and friendly. In this way, we let search engines understand what the pages are about.

  1. Image Optimization.

The images have to define their Alt and Title attributes to help Google and other search engines to know their content. Images are also important for web positioning, their size, that they are original, etc.

  1. Creation of internal links.

With the creation of internal links we are going to get the search engines to link the different contents of our website.

  1. Create and maintain a Map of the web.

We will facilitate the work of search engines by creating a map of our website indicating the pages, articles and publications it contains

  1. Content is King

You have to work on quality content that is always original . Content marketing is the present and the future.

  1. Obtain Quality Links.

One goal in developing once is to get links to our pages from other quality websites: university pages, government pages, popular media, highly visited pages, etc. This will give us relevance and will tell search engines that our content is important.

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