Why you should build your site with WordPress

What is wordPress

WordPress is a free CMS – Content Management System – a program that is used to create, manage and publish web content. WordPress is well-known for its drag and drop creation functionalities allowed by its extensive plugin and theme creators all around the world.


Did you know that over 455 million sites are created by WordPress? That is about 50% of all websites! Millions of people use WordPress daily… WordPress has millions of free and paid resources at your disposal to help you build and style the perfect website for your business. Here are my top reasons why you should build your site with WordPress!

1. Time Saver

Like I mentioned earlier, WordPress is filled with drag and drop functionality. No more coding for hours, days or even months to get a basic website up and running. With WordPress you can get a basic site up and running in under 5 minutes with plugins and themes with prebuilt starter sites/templates, which you can integrate with your website in one click!

2. Resources

With WordPress there is nearly unlimited resources to help creators like you and me. There is a plugin for everything. From contact forms, to lead- generation plugins and even plugins to help you rank #1 in any search engine! There are even thousands of creators that supply free templates for WordPress creators to get their site up and running. Although most plugins and themes are free, there are also unbelievable paid options to create your masterpiece!

3. Mobile responsive

WordPress has the best mobile responsive plugins I have ever seen. Essentially, creators can build their site in “desktop view”, like they see fit, and most plugins would automatically adjust for mobile/tablet, making developers life about 3 times easier. With other platforms you might have to build 3 websites, one for desktop, one for tablet, and one for mobile, but with WordPress you can do it in one place! 

4. Affordable/Free

As I mentioned, most of the plugins and themes are free, created by developers to help us make the perfect website for ourselves. You might need to pay for hosting, which can range anywhere from $2 to $20 per month, but with any platform you will have to pay this, however WordPress itself is free, and comes with lifetime free updates!

5. Seo friendly

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of any website. Essentially, it is the way we help our site to rank higher in search engines, ultimately increasing our traffic. Free plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO, help us do just that. For anybody this might sound like a mouthful, but these plugins offers step by step guides to help you rank higher, and it’s free!

6. Flexibility

With WordPress you can create any sort of website, blog/content, business or even ecommerce sites! With thousands of free themes, you can easily customize your site like you want! Plugins also adds more functionality which allows you to create essentially anything you can think of 


There is no reason not to build your site with WordPress. It’s a free platform with millions of free resources at your disposal. All you have to do is sign-up and start creating!

Terrific Themes

We have been using WordPress for years now and we want to transfer all our knowledge to you, so that you can learn from us. We are experienced in Astra and Elementor, but have extensive knowledge in other themes, plugins, SEO, hosting services and much much more. We are here to help you reach brilliance, although you are already that!

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